Sunday, March 21, 2010

Black Bonzo- two songs missed plus one bonus

Excuse me please, people, but for an error in my recent post of Black Bonzo's album i've missed 2 songs (the last two of album).

So i post them here, tagged as 9 and 10: if you put them in the same folder of BB album, you finally have the complete album.

If you can see this question in a positive way, now you have two more simil Heep songs to listen to (one of two is the only real ballad of this album, very beatiful for me).

And finally a little gift to pay you for the little disguise: as bonus track i enclose the radio edit of "Lady of the light"

Missing Tracks:

09- Leave Your Burdens

10- Where the river meets the sea

Bonus track:

11- Lady of the light (radio edit)

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