Friday, March 26, 2010

Notorious- 1990- Notorious


01- The Swalk

02- This Night

03- You Need More

04- Arianne

05- Losing You

06- Radio Silence

07- Eyes Of The World

08- Touch

09- Love Fades

10- I Believe In You

This album is a creature of two men: Robin George (David Byron and Magnum guitarist) and Sean Harris (Former "Diamond Head" lead vocalist). At drums Mr Jim Simpson (Magnum, Ufo, Budgie) and at backing vocals, with other singers, Mr Glenn Hughes.

This album was released in America for only three weeks before being delected (killed by a change of staff at the record company- Geffen Records?)

For me, this is a good rock album, even if in some momentsa little too pop.
Album like this are, in my opinion, the ideal listen when you drive your car, the sound is a little fm, a little pop with a strong rock (some time hard) influence, but this mix results an easy listening when you are in the city's traffic.

Album Link

Just As an add on to this post here is the Single from the album
"The Swalk"
2 of the tracks are identical to the album release but it also gives you an extended version of "The Swalk"
Interestingly my copy includes the Bronze Lable Logo I seem to remember reading somewhere that this was an ill fated attempt to revive the label by Robin and Sean or perhaps they were just hoping that by using the image it might open a few more doors

1 The Swalk 4:26
2 Eyes of the world 4:06
3 The Swalk (Electric Mix) 5:36

Single Link

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