Monday, March 8, 2010

Blackfoot- 1984- Vertical Smiles LIVE

Et voilà... For my second post on abominogjnr blog, i have thinked to a bootleg. Yes, a bootleg, but a very good bootleg (see personnel and list here)

What i can say about this: the quality is very good, because it's a radio broadcast.
The band, for me, is in very good form, even if the group is near to the end. I think that this is one of the last Hensley's concerts with Blackfoot

I salute all with a big CIAO, as italian salute their friends.
And thank you Colin for have made real this blog, a very special blog!!

PS: I would like to post in the next weeks some masterworks of classic italian rock prog... I know, there are not UH connections, but the prog rock and the times are the same of our heroes... They are not too known, in Italy too, but i can guarantee that the music sounds very good and particular in the seventies prog rock.
I have a very very big collection of those albums and some are very good.
For the first, i would like to post the OSANNA soundtrack of the film "Milano calibro 9" (Year 1971!!), a very nice work with some beatiful orchestral arrangiaments of Luis Bacalov, famous italian writer of sondtrack music...

What do you think, people? (Comments about this are very wellcome)

For now is all, CIAO to all!!!

PPSS: A little post scriptum: i've forgot the link, so here you'll go:


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  1. Crack on Roby

    Anything with a description of seventies,prog and rock sounds good to me. It never ceases to amaze me just how much good music totally passed me by back then, and with the lack of very much decent music being released these days, I thank god that there is so much from the sixties and seventies that this blogger still has to discover



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