Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Avenue Records - Taster

Ok here is a little taster of what is to come

Back in the good old days when this blogger was still sucking his thumb and seven and twelve inch pieces of plastic were nothing more than indoor frisbees that my parents had left lying around.
Some struggling musicians found themselves unable to pay off their weekly booze bill (or whatever their pioson might be) These same musicians could then be seen sneaking out of their digs and disappearing into the dead of the night without so much as a word to their loved ones. Where were they going? What terrible deeds were they getting up to?

All can be revealed

To supplement their income lots of well known artists (and some not so well known)  would record for "Budget bin labels" These labels specialised in cheap covers of the hits of the day, churning them out at a vast rate and selling them for next to nothing (I seem to remember that an Album or EP from one of these labels cost roughly the same as a chart single at the time)

On offer here is an avenue records EP from 1970

Catalogue No AVE 86

See if you can work out the vocalists

1-  Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town
2 - Something
3 - Cold Turkey
4 - Tracy
5 - Loneliness
6 - Baby I Know

Not the best vinyl rip ever but then again it has been used as a frisbee


  1. Hi Colin, I've posted Byron Lost songs in the same time (a little after) that you post the Avenue records that are too in Lost songs... What a coincidence!

    1. 290147 thats the cat.number of THE EARLY SESSIONS CD release date is 290147


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