Monday, March 8, 2010

ITALIAN PROG MASTERWORKS 1 OSANNA- 1972- milano calibro 9- with Luis E.Bacalov

The Osanna guys are a five members band from Naples, very active in the 70's.

The members of the band are:

Lello Brandi - Bass guitar
Elio D'Anna - Flute and various sax, backing vocals
Massimo Guarino - drums and other percussions
Danilo Rustici - Guitars, backing vocals
Lino Vairetti - Lead vocals

01- Preludio
02- Tema
03- Variazione I (To Plinius)
04- Variazione II (My mind flies)
05- Variazione III (Shuum...)
06- Variazione IV (Tredicesimo cortile)
07- Variazione V (Dianalogo)
08- VI (Spunti dallo spartito n. 14723/AY° del Prof Imolo Meninge)
09- Variazione VII (Posizione raggiunta)
10- Canzona (There will be time)

Someone can be scared by the language of the tracks, but only 2 songs have vocals (04 and 10), and the words are in english.

If i can give to you some suggestion:

The best songs- for me- 01 (with very beautiful arcs and flute), 04 (with an irresistible psychedelic touch), 10 (A very fine and sooo sweet ballad, my wife loves so much this song. An historic note: in 1972 this song wins in Italy a big TV festival but the Osanna members, for their life's style and political reasons, didn't go to receive the Prize... I don't know if it's the right word, in italian we say premio).
Irresistibles too the little surrealistic "hard pills" songs 05, 06, 08,09 with their crazy finals (The best to make full the sides when, many years ago, i made compilations on old music tapes for the car stereo. In effect, those songs were present in many of my 70's rock compilations).
Go here if you want make this experiment:

This is an experiment, dear reader of the blog. This serie can finish with the number 1, if you doesn't like it or if you think that this blog is not the right place for this and, eventually, some other similar albums (Commments please people, and if is not a problem, not only by the abominog but friendly creator of the blog).

So thank you in advance for comments and ciao, to the next post.

PS: For the next post i think to the Byron's Lost songs vol. 1. What do you think, dear blog Reader?


  1. Listening to this album for a third time just now (that's a good sign)and i can definatly say i'ts a grower there is, to my ears anyway, elements of early Heep,jethro tull and probably most prominent Focus. I could be wrong but i believe tracks 5 & 6 are named wrong and should be the other way round
    I look forward to the next post in this series

  2. Thank you very much for the comment, dear anonymous. It's evident that you are one of two that have downloaded this one. Glad to see that you like this one.
    For the next post in this serie i'll propose "YS" by the Roman group "Balletto di bronzo", Hard psych prog keyboards driven


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