Thursday, March 11, 2010

OSIBISA- 1971- Same


1- Dawn
2- Music For Gong Gong
3- Oyiko Bia
4- Akwaaba
5- Oranges
6- Phallus C.
7- Think About The People

First album from Ghanian rock collective Osibisa.
Osibisa was formed in 1969 in London, England.


- Teddy Osei- Flute, Saxophone, Sax tenor, Vocals, African drums
- Wendel Richardson- Guitar, vocals
- Spartacus R- Percussion, Guitar
- Mac Tontoh- Trumpet, Flugelhorn
- Loughty Amao- Conga, Sax tenor, Sax baritone, Saxophone
- Sol Amarfio- Drums
- Robert Bailey- Organs, Keyboards, Piano, Timbales
- Roy Bedeau- Bass

I know, no UH connections apparently. But, if you remember, in the same year of this album, mister Hensley wrote on the notes to the song "Look at yourself": "basically, it represnts the band strongly and Teddy, Mac and Loughty of Osibisa added some excellent percussion to the extended final section".


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  2. Thank you Colin, i played this two days ago and all sounds good. Now i'm unzipping it and all is good. So i go reuploading the same file, it's a mediafire error. Thank you again. Cheers

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