Friday, March 19, 2010



1- Lady Of The Light

2- Brave Young Soldier

3- These Are Days of sorrow

4- New Day

5- Fantasy World

6- Freedom

7- Sirens

8- Jailbait

From Sweden Black Bonzo comes to the world in 2004 with this supermega album.

Even if this album comes in the second thousand, this band comes directly from the seventies, with no doubts.

And in a very classic way.

The first time that i played this album, at the first notes of hammond, i thinked that this was a undercover album of UH at times of "return to fantasy".

Even if the voice of Mr. Lidgren is different from every singer of UH, the music for me is very "Heepstic".

And, when i listened the song "Fantasy world", with hammond and back vocals so nice, the hommage to "Return To Fantasy" was clear, and now i think that this song is a volontary tribute to my/our band of heart from the Black Bonzo's guys.
After this first album, Black Bonzo make other two albums:
"The sound of apocalypse" (2007) and "Operation manual- The guillotine drama" (2009) but i'll not post them because are too much recent.

Magnus Lindgren- Vocals
Joachim Karlsson- Guitars
Klas Holmgren- Organ, Piano, Mellotron & synthesizers
Anthon Johansson- Bass, Vocals
Mikael Israelsson- Drums


  1. I've listened to some extracts of the songs and, yes, it reminds me of Uriah Heep 1975-1976 (Return to Fantasy & Firefly). Sometimes, the drums sound like lee Kerslake's ("Lady of the Light" intro) and the keyboards definitely are Heep inspired, like the background vocals. This group is very interesting and it's a nice discovery for me and has its place here !

  2. I agree with you Ray this is very reminiscent Of Heep circa 75-77 with just about every member of the band sounding just like their Heep
    counterpart at some point or other
    A very enjoyable album indeed

  3. Thank you very much for comments, people.
    The next post with a group very reminescent of Heep will be, next week, "Life After death", 1974 album of the group "Life". Do you know? The reminescence begin with the cover, where all the group is web covered like Mr. Byron in the cover of "Very eavy very umble". Cheers


  4. Roby I have been looking for that album for some time now. I look forward to the post


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