Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Italian Prog Masterworks 3- Balletto di bronzo- 1972- YS


1- Introduzione
2- Primo Incontro
3- Secondo Incontro
4- Terzo Incontro
5- Epilogo
6- La Tua Casa Comoda (Bonus track)

This is a great crazy monster album, really one of the best italian prog rock album of all times. Even if i name it prog rock, it doesn't help to understand entirely their music. Probably in 1972 some aliens contact the band members (especially Mr. Gianni Leone, the absolute leader of this incarnation of Balletto di Bronzo) to suggest the secret to make one album without time.
If you listen to it without knowing that is made in 1972, i think that is very difficult to say when a band can made one album like this. Maybe last year, or ten years ago, or twenty. But this is a 72's shot!!! More reasons to listen to this album: it's different from all others prog albums that i ever listen to; lot but really lot of organ work, very heavy and sometimes very dark, some other times neo classical (I've said: it's a monster).
So, please, if you never listen to this album, download it, sit down, relax and open your hears to this strange music from space (Remember, the aliens).

The Band:

Gianni Leone- Keyboards and vocals
Lino Ajello- Guitars
Gianchi Stringa- Drums
Vito Manzari- Bass guitar

PS: This album is not an easy thing to listen to: at the first listen it's very difficult understand the musical project, so you must listen to it two or three times before that you begin to like it, but don't loose your patience because, at the end, you are going to love this album...


  1. Alright Roby
    Here's My comments on this album

    Firstly:- I am an ignorant Scotsman therefore I find listening to music in any language other than English "dificult"(I still haven't mastered the English language let alone any others)
    Secondly;- I always give an Album at least two plays before I make a judgment on it (I was not impressed on the first play).Even after the second play I didn't think that much of it and if it had not come from you I might have not listened to it again but I did, AND THEN THAT'S WHEN IT HAPPENED
    I sudennly realised that this album reminds me of Salisbury only on a grander scale,and that is a compliment Salisbury was THE track that got me into Heep all those years ago

    This really is a great album even the vocals (which I do not understand) are excellent

    If you are reading this and like early Heep with a touch of Sabbath and Purple You Will Love This

    Roby I salute you

    Keep em coming


    Roby I salute you

  2. Thank you very much for your comment, Colin.
    Glad to see that you like This album, that is quite particular and different from others prog albums. If i remember right, i have in my external hard disk two or three english versions of some songs of this album that i'm going to post. I can say to you that this is a concept album dedicated to a trip into the Hell (inspired very softly and freely to Dante's Divina Commedia).
    But the real impressive part of this album is how Gianni Leone sings (and not what) and the music.
    For the language problem, i'm thinking by some time to make a post special of prog italian masterworks with some english versions of italian prog albums. All if i have the time, because, you know, work, wife, dogs (two), a baby who will born next september, etc etc doesn't help to dedicate much time to post.

    Thank you again and i salute you too


  3. Excelso álbum, muchos años que lo tengo desde el vinil hasta el mp3, y como comentas el mejor disco de rock progresivo, neta!! lo escucho una y otra vez y siempre encuentro nuevos pasajes, yo soy de México y he tratado de encontrar las letras en Italiano y traducidas al español y después de más de 30 años aun no las tengo, escuchando el disco pienso que Dios a través de estos músicos, nos envió a los mortales una música celestial, ahora leyendo tus comentarios resulta que esta mas cerca del infierno, prefiero mi propia versión celestial.
    Un abrazo progresivo!!


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