Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life- 1974- Life After Death


01- Riding Around

02- Opus

03- I don't Want To...

04- Black Eye

05- Highway

06- Sleepless Night

07- Woman

08- Looking Out

09- Everibody's Queuing

10- The Plank

11- Devil In The River

In the Uriah Heep inspired bands, this group has a special place: the UH reminescence begin in the cover, where the band is web covered like David Byron in "Very Eavy Very Umble".

But the reminds to UH are in music too: distinct shades of UH persist through all the songs of this fantastic album.

For some reason that i don't know this is a misterious album: i look in the web to find some information about this album or about the components of the band Life, but i can't find nothing.

The only thing that i can say is that this is the only album of Life, released by Polydor Records in 1974 and, strangely, never reissued.

So this is a vinyl rip (not mine, downloaded from peer to peer some months ago) and probably this is the only chance that you have to listen to this good hard prog act (because collectors drop heavy money for this album's original).

If someone has some information about this curious and misterious record, please post in the comments.

Finally one curiosity that i note: in some of the songs, you can hear birds singing (like in "The Park" from UH's Salisbury). If you hear with attention (but without too...) the final notes of the last song, you'll know how the birds end.

Life, cruel but Life.


  1. Nice one Roby

    I've been looking for this for a while. Downloading now and will post my thoughts tomorrow sometime, after a couple of listens


  2. Great album.
    Thank you!

  3. I remember buying this album when it was first released for just over a couple of quid, attracted mostly by the cover and the fact that the band was obscure.

    Bought during my prog rock phase (Yes, Genesis, ELP, Pretty Things) period, I have to say that I am suprised that the album is so collectable. Wish I had kept it now just to cash in. Even in 74 this was a derivative band and was released at the tail end of the golden age of the prog rock period. At best the album chuggs along and is saved by a couple of good tracks.

    I was not suprised that the band never made another album as this style of music was rapidly going out of favour. Just like Gravy Train whose last album I bought the same year, somehow the genre had run out of steam.

    However, it is nice to see that others are enjoying the music and maybe more so if you were not there first time around.

    Many thanks for bring back some lost memories.



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