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The Byron Band - Lost and Found



While David Byron will forever be known as the operatic frontman for progressive hard rockers Uriah Heep at the height of their career, he carved out a much overlooked solo career.

After false starts with Rough Diamond and a couple of solo albums, he put together The Byron Band with young guitarist Robin George.
The sole 1981 studio album On The Rocks, which also featured saxophonist Mel Collins, is a blend of hard rock and fresh blues, and is essential to perhaps the more casual listener.

This set is a collection of live recordings, rehearsals and writing demos. So we get a couple of alternate versions of the excellent `Bad Girl' and in fact several songs intended for a second Album that never happened when Robin's solo career took off and Byron's health deteriorated. Add a couple of live Heep classics and the Robin George solo `Angelsong' and it's all worth investigating, despite some dodgy mastering that leaves you puzzling over which tracks tie up with the track listing.

For example this is the tracklist from the cover for cd 1

Writing Demos Live In London '82

   1. Learn The Dance (Byron / George)
   2. I Need Love (Byron / George)
   3. Fool For A Pretty Face (Byron / George)
   4. Safety In Numbers (Byron / George)
   5. Bad Girl (Byron / George)
   6. One Minute More (Byron / George)

Demo Live Worchester '82

   1. Bad Girl (Byron / George)

Writing At David's House '82

   1. She Was Good (Byron / George)
   2. Fool For A Pretty Face (Byron / George)
   3. She Was A Dream (Byron / George)
   4. She Got Pride (Byron / George)
   5. Untitled Melody (Byron / George)
   6. Learn The Dance (Byron / George)

There's Eight tracks on the cd !!

The second  CD was particulary frustrating as it was presented as only three tracks
Firstly the rehearsals at Davids house "6 tracks at 29 minutes long" and then even more frustrating was the live show from "liverpool" that was a little over 41 minutes long with 8 tracks.Had it been released on vinyl I wouldn't have minded, it's a lot easier to lift a needle and place it where you want than, to have to fast forward a CD to the start of a particular track (thats if you could be bothered making a note of the start times of each particular track) Well my friends I have sorted that little problem out. CD -  to a wave file, then split tracks, tag them and finally to 320kps mp3, I hope you approve. it certainly makes (in my mind anyway) the album easier to listen to

Disc Two

Rehearsals London '81

   1. How Do You Sleep (Byron / George)
   2. Safety In Numbers (Byron / George)
   3. I Need Love (Byron / George)
   4. Piece Of My Love (Byron / George)
   5. Goodnight Blues (Byron / George)
   6. Last Chance Jam (Byron / George)

Live In Liverpool '80

   1. Bad Girl (Byron / George)
   2. Start Believing (Byron / George)
   3. July Morning (Hensley / Byron)
   4. How Do You Sleep (Byron / George)
   5. Sweet Lorraine (Byron / Box / Thain)
   6. Piece Of My Love (Byron / George)
   7. Liverpool Blues (Byron / George)
   8. Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck Berry)

Robin George Solo Track

   1. Angelsong (George)

I loved the Byron Band and this is a little gem.  Their live version's of "July Morning & Sweet Lorraine" with Mell Collins on sax is brilliant my only regret is I never got to see them live at the time (and I had the chance)


David Byron: Lead Vocals
Robin George: Guitars and Background Vocals
Roger Flavelle & Pino Palladino: Bass Guitar
Steve Braye, Pete Thompson, Charlie Morgan & John Searer: Drums
Bob Jackson & Pete Green: Keyboards
Mel Collins: Saxophone
Chris Thompson: Backing Vocals



  1. A very big thank you for this post!!
    I was looking for this album by 4-5 years or so.
    This is a great post, and i am quite sure that only here, in all the web, "lost and found" is available. So thank you because i thinked to have lost it but, with your iperblog, finally i found it!!
    So thank you very much, Colin, this is a very good gift.
    PS: I look for UH's bootlegs of Byron era... I think that you have so, please can you post some? Thank you in advance and good bye.

  2. Holà Colin,
    i have one other offer for the blog... I think that this is a real rarity, but i suppose that you have it:
    "Champion Jack Dupree- 1969- Scoobydoobydoo"...
    At bass guitar Mister Wallace Tring, also Gary Thain!!
    If you have not, i can upload it. It's a fresh download, so i don't know its quality, for now i can say that it's a 192 kbs with full artwork.
    Good bye and thank you one other time for this post (Byron band) and for this blog.

  3. Yup I Do have some, will post as soon as I get a chance


  5. Thanks one more time for the great post, Byron voice is wonderfull.A fort hug from Brazil.Art

  6. Thanks Art from Brazil. Glad you enjoy the blog


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