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Italian Prog Superpost- Balletto Di Bronzo Discography

"Il Balletto Di Bronzo" was formed in Naples (and not in Rome as i said in the last post dedicated to this group) in late 60's, with initial name of "I Battitori Selvaggi". They changed name in "Il Balletto Di Bronzo" with the entry of great guitarist Lino Ajello. The inspiration for the name came from a picture of a 40's painter, if i remember correctly same William Warthwords (please excuse if the name is incorrect, if someone knows this artist, please comment).
The title of this picture was just "The Bronze Ballet".
The band made two or three good beat's singles in 1968/1970 (See the "Il Re Del Castello" abum, that contains too some spanish versions of first songs). After this, the band works to the first masterpiece of his discography: the "Sirio 2222" album. Even if the beat footprint is evident (we are in 1970), the music is just hard rock, the songs are all good. The title song is a very beautiful song, long and particular, with space atmospheres and a great vocal work, the only real prog song of this album. Very good the vocal work of Mr. Cecioni, who badly after this album leaves the band, with the entry of the Genius in person, Mr. Gianni Leone. So, the line up of "Il Re Del Castello" and "Sirio 2222" was: Marco Cecioni (Lead vocals), Michele Cupaiolo (Bass guitar), Lino Ajello (Lead guitar) and Giancarlo Stinga (Drums).
In 1971 Gianni Leone, who listened to "Sirio 2222" and was very excited by the musical potential of the band, enters the group along with bassist Vito Manzanari (Cecioni and Cupaiolo, in the same time, were out for personal reasons). With this line up, Mr. Leone made real the project that was in his mind by same times: it was YS, the second masterpiece of BDB, the subject of my third "Italian prog masterworks" post. After one other year spent in live concerts (we are in 1973) "Il Balletto Di Bronzo" sadly desbanded (In that time the band lived all togheter with other freaks in one hippy farm, that was not an ideal and distensive situation after the concerts to relax and to have no stress).
In the late 90's, Gianni Leone reforms the band, with Marco Capozi at bass and Adolfo Ramundo at drums (the guitar parts are played at keyboards by the same Leone). With this new line-up, in 1999, the band registers the live album "Trys", who includes a complete live version of "YS" album, plus others BDB songs and some "Leo Nero" songs (Gianni Leone's alter ego in solo production).

And this is too the subject of the fourth album of this superpost: the Leone's solo album "Leo Nero- 1977- Vero", that i enclose as special bonus for lovers of this fantastic band (this is a very hard to find album, badly only at 128kbs.).

I miss in BDB discography only the english version of some or all songs of "YS" album, because i haven't them, but i am sure that it exist (as bonus tracks in some past edition of YS in cd, or as singular cd, i don't remember). It would be great, Colin, if you would enclude the "YS" english version in your wishlist... Thank you in advance...

So, people, we are going to begin:

Il Balletto Di Bronzo- 1969/70- Il Re Del Castello (Compilation of rare singles)


1- Accidenti

2- Il re del castello

3- Neve calda

4- Accidenti II

5- Eternità

6- Nieve calda (Spanish version)

7- Si mama ma (Spanish version)

Il Balletto Di Bronzo- 1970- Sirio 2222


1- Un posto

2- Eh eh ah ah

3- Neve calda

4- Ma ti aspetterò

5- Meditazione

6- Girotondo

7- Incantesimo

8- Ti risveglierai con me

9- Missione Sirio 2222

Il Balletto Di Bronzo- 1999- Trys (Live)


01- La discesa nel cervello

02- Tastiere isteriche

03- Marcia in sol minore

04- Donna Vittoria

05- Optical surf beat

06- Introduzione

07- Primo incontro

08- Secondo incontro

09- Terzo incontro/epilogo

10- Technoage

11- Love in the kitchen

Bonus album: Leo Nero- 1977- Vero (Gianni Leone Solo)


01- Scarpette di raso blu

02- Sono stanco anche io

03- La luce

04- Tu ti ricorderai di me

05- La bambola rotta

06- Tastiere isteriche

07- Il castello

08- La discesa nel cervello

09- Rock'n'roll cat

10- Una gabbia per me



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