Sunday, March 7, 2010

John Sloman- 1988-2007 Compilation

With a big thank you to Abominog jnr, i can post my first album on blog.This is a compilation that i have recently made with various Sloman songs of several years.
The subtitle of this comp can be: "A travel in time with mister Sloman"
Sadly the first 4 songs, the badlands demos, are in not so good quality


- From Badlands demo (1989) :

01- Laughing in your face
02- Guilty
03- Save us
04- I'm lost without your love

- From compilation "Xmas the metal way" (1994) :

05 Sloman, Murray & Di Anno: Have you a merry Christmas

- From "Praying mantis- The journey goes on" (2003) :

06- Tonight
07- Beast within
08- The voice

- From "Highlander- The source" soundtrack (2007) -

09- john Sloman & Tamasin Hardy- The sun is gonna shine
10- Princess of the universe (Queen's cover)
11- A kind of magic (Queen's cover)
12- Who wants to live forever (Queen's cover)
13- Bonus track- Interview with Mister Sloman

Thank you to Colin "Abominogjnr" for the invitation to post on the blog


  1. Nice one Roby i am looking forward to listening to this compilation. I dont have the Highlander stuff downloading now. going out for a while so i will listen to it later


  2. Thank you Colin. It's not too difficult at the end make a post. As have you seen, i upload the file to your folder, i think... Is right, Colin?
    Thank you

  3. john is a perfect strangers! amazing, excellent strangers!


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