Sunday, March 21, 2010

Byron Does Disco - Technique - Michael Angelo - 1983

Ok, I like a bit of disco every now and then, not a lot but I can put up with it, and if it's got a Heep connection well all the better.

I have actually listened to this quite a lot recently it has that feelgood factor to it.The music is definatly stuck in the seventies and there would appear to be many influences here, early abba for one, in fact most of these songs could have quite happilly sat on one of their albums and are certainly far superior to the likes of Brotherhood of Man

The only information I can find out about this album is mostly from the Daniel Boone Myspace page. It would appear that the single off the album, Michael Angelo was released on CBS records in 1980(CBS 8249) although I can find no other info to back this up The album didn't surface untill 1983 with a Dutch only release on ERC records (ERC Rec. 814409-1, NL) and the single is listed as being released in 1984
I dont have a list of band members But the rumour was that the female vocals are in fact Daniel And David's wives and if you listen you can certainly hear mr byron on backing vocals, also there is a great sax solo during "living in the City" that can only, in my opinion, be Mel Collins


Can We Try Again
Movie Star
Time Is Of The Essence
Now And Then
I’ve Got A Lot On My Mind
Michael Angelo
No Strings
Light Fantastic
Livin’ In The City
Looking For Someone To Love (Tonight)

Michael Angelo(singleVersion)
Looking For Someone To Love(12" Extended)
Can We Try Again(12" Extended)
Looking For Someone To Love(singleVersion)


  1. Thank you for this other raritie.
    I don't like so much disco music, but if in the back there is Mr. Byron, i go listening this with attention, opening my mind as possible.
    Thank you, another time, for all the albums that you've posted with UH relations: my collection is very bigger from when i meet with Abominogjnr blog!!

  2. link is dead
    any chance of re-up ? or sned me this by mail.

  3. any chance of re-up ? or send me a fixed link by mail.
    thanks a lot in advance



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